Friday, April 26, 2013


Time Wll Spent

Farwell:  To my instructors at Walden, it has truly been a learning experience.
One I will remember the rest of my life.  I appreciate all the knowledge and
professionalism that all of you have shown during my time spent with you.

Three deeply felt learning's

a.  This program has taught me how to merge my vision, passion, and advocacy efforts to
make a difference in the lives of children, families and the early childhood field by becoming a catalyst for change.

b.  This program has also enlightened my professional abilities by inspiring, motivating and modeling the skill set and awareness of pedagogy.  If have been able to utilize techniques and strategies within my classrooms and they have enhanced the learning environment and motivated my students.

c.  The third deeply felt learning was the lesson on leadership and the power of effective communication characteristics.  The characteristics that I have learned about authentic and transformative leadership qualities shall be my focus as I lead while attempting to make a difference in the lives that I touch.

Long term goal

I plan to make an impact on families living in poverty while raising awareness and preventive measures to assist them with education and living conditions.


Colleagues, what can I say?  Thank each of you for your class participation, your sharing and caring spirits.  I wish each of you many blessings.  Let us remember the children, and our reason for becoming a catalyst for change.   BEST WISHES!!

Dr. Teri,

Your patience and understanding is a virtue.  Thank yo for being you.  Your guidance and participation within our discussions and on line chats were encouraging.  I needed the support of a caring instructor.  Than you again.  I finally got my Wordle to look like I wanted.

The following quotes are for you.

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of wisdome but rather leads you to the threshould of your mind.  Kahlil Gibran

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.  Benjamin Franklin

Friday, April 12, 2013

Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: Internationally

Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: Internationally


This organization resonated with me because its mission is to promote excellence, achieve equity, educate and improve learning for children, youth and adults. Their affiliations are national and abroad, which also appealed to me because that means they are looking out for children all over the world.  They work on assessments, standard, and accountability, which is an area our children seem to be struggling with passing achievement test in our area.   The salary is definitely a plus for working and advocating for children and families.

Job Opportunity: Senior Program Associate

Salary: $82,700 -$103,400

Skills & Experience needed to fulfill this position:

·         Graduate Degree in related field

·         Excellent leadership skills/work collaboratively and independently  toward program goals

·         Ability to design communicate face to face and with online environments

·         Ability to facilitate the work of diverse stakeholders across education sectors

·         Be committed to providing effective client service

·         Excellent communication skills

·         Ability to multitask under time-restricted conditions

·         Application skills in: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Online learning environments



The United Nations Children’s Fund is a national organization that provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.   UNICEF was  created by the United Nations General Assembly to help provide emergency food, healthcare to individuals who had be devastated by World War II.   It has since been renamed the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, but still operates under the popular acronym.

This organization resonates with me because they advocate for children’s rights, development, protection and survival.   They are an international organization whose headquarters location is New York City, NY.  I like what the organization stands for and the goals that is strives to accomplish.  Some of the countries are Africa, Chili, Afghanistan and others countries that sound like interesting places to visit.

Job Opportunity: Temporary Appointment: Information Management/GIS Specialist, P-3, Bamako, Mali

Salary:  Not Listed

Skills & Experience needed to fulfill this position:

·         Master’s Degree in information management, GIS or related field

·         Five years’ experience information or data management

·         GIS and/or monitoring and evaluation

·         Previous experience with UN preferable, particularly with UNICEF/No mandatory

·         Fluency in English

·         Experience working in a similar capacity


 3). Save the Children

Save the children is an international organization that I’ve observed over the years because of their relief efforts to children and families.  They are one of the leading advocates raising funds and finding ways to feed and educate the children and families in perished countries.  They are constantly fighting poverty, disease, illiteracy, hunger and other struggles that children face on a daily basis. This organization resonates with me because of my love for children and families.  Save the Children is the leading independent organization for children in need, with programs in over 120 countries.  I enjoy and respect the work that this organization provides for the poor.

Job Opportunities:  Specialist, Program Development & Reporting

Salary:  Not Listed

Skills & Experience needed to fulfill this position:

MS Degree or equivalent in a development and/or humanitarian related field

Experience developing proposals for key donors

Knowledge of basic grant compliance/management

Computer skills: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel required

Excellent verbal and written interpersonal communication skills, willing travel 20% field work

Maintain reporting schedule

Leadership skills/collaboration and communication effectively with groups

Establish integrated quality M&E & reporting systems for the respective field offices

Improve monitoring and evaluation systems

Friday, March 29, 2013

Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community

National Head Start Association

Position: Director of Early Childhood Programs, HS/EHS

Salary:  88,004

Location: Salina, Kansas

Job description: not listed / application can be retrieved at

I like the salary and the position is working with programs and possibly policies that affect the wellbeing of children in Head Start and Early Head Start programs. I have a passion for the well being and education of children.

Southern Board Community & Junior Colleges

Position: Asst. Executive Director for learning & Instructional Technology

Salary: Commensurate with education, training and experience

Job Description:

The primary function of the administrative position is to provide innovative, visionary leadership and administrative direction for the Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC).  The MSVCC is a consortium of Mississippi’s fifteen Community Colleges which provides access to education through advances technology and shared resources, including host infrastructure, course content, and faculty and student services.  The incumbent must be a self-motivator, dependable, and committed to the highest level of professional ethics.

Applications can be retrieved at

I desire to lead in a administrative position dealing with the education of student. I presently have contact with members of the Mississippi Community College staff and I would like to work in an environment that has possibilities for advancement.

Delta Health Alliance

Position: Parent Educator

Salary:  Negotiable based on education & experience

Job Description: Reporting to the Project Director for Maternal and Family Outreach, the Parent Educator will provide monthly home visits and group connections to families with the goal of reducing and preventing child developmental delays by assessing the needs of families and indentifying support services to pregnant women and to families/caregivers of children under the age of 5 years, particularly those at risk for abuse and neglect. The individual will serve as the primary contact for the caseload provided. Duties include: Conduct family home visits, and address individual family’s needs. Complete accurate statistical data on families as required by program. Provide evidence based curriculum and emotional support for the families. Analyze, support and reinforce positive interactions.

Application can be reviewed at

This organization works with families and children by changing healthcare in the Mississippi Delta by improving access to healthcare and providing education.  This organization resonates with me because they address the issue of health and well being of the poor. They also implement practices and policies that educate and provide assistance for poor families. This is done through a partnership with other advocates and agencies interested in the fight against poor healthcare and insurance availability.




Saturday, March 16, 2013

Exploring Roles in the ECE Community: Local & State

My three roles: Executive Director, NAEYC/ Superintendent of Education/ Educational Specialist


Position: Executive Director

I chose this organization because it resonates with me and my desire to work and advocate for children.  I understand that the 501(c-3) status of non-profit status has allotted for a nice compensation for the position of director.  Washington is a place that I’ve never been, but will to relocate depending on the compensation.

NAEYC is dedicated to serving and acting on behalf of the need, rights, and well-being of children from (birth to 8), with primary focus on the provisions of Educational and developmental services and resources.  The Headquarters is located in Washington, D.C.  NAEYC has an annual operating budget of $20 million with a staff of 100.

Qualification: B.S. degree in Education, business or related field is recommended, an advanced degree is desirable, and designation as a Certified Association Executive is an asset Candidate must have strong communication skills, and the ability to foster creative, inclusive, and transparent and engaged relationships with members and staff.

Montessori Educational Programs International (MEPI)
Position: Educational Specialist

I chose this COP because they adhere to the practice and education of young children by following the teachings of Maria Montessori. We have a school located within our community and it is the only one in Mississippi. Its teachings and principals have produced children with the necessary skills to succeed, by building a strong early childhood foundation. My niece is ninth grade and has scored a 24 on her ACT Test the first time out. This is because of the foundation she received at the Montesorri School in Jonestown.

MEPI offers education programs across the US, and in 7 foreign countries. In addition, MEPI insures cooperation with MACTE by having a seat on their board, and working in conjunction with MACTE through periodic reassessment and revision of policies, procedures, standards, and criteria.

MEPI fosters and generates authentic Montessori education by developing and offering programs to educate and certify Montessori professionals and provides continuing development and networking opportunities.

MEPI aims to promote the rights of all beings, particularly children, and to bring about peace in the world through Montessori education.

 Job Requirements:
In order to be considered for this position, you must meet all state licensing requirements, including:

Educational Specialist with Montessori Certification and experience, as well as Special Education training and experience preferred.



Mississippi Department of Education

Superintendent of Education/ Jackson, MS

No position available

I chose this position because I want to make vital decisions about the education and welfare of our schools across Mississippi. Although there is currently no position listed. We presently have an interim Superintendent of Education, Lynn J. House, PHD.   The office is located in Jackson, MS.

The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) provides resources and technical support to Mississippi’s public school system. The department also functions as a resource for federal education requirements and funding.

The Mississippi Board of Education elects the State Superintendent of Education, sets public education policy and oversees the MDE. As the administrative arm of the Board, MDE is responsible for implementing state and federal education laws, disbursing state and federal funds, holding schools and districts accountable for performance and licensing all educators.

The MDE seeks to create a world-class educational system that gives students the knowledge and skills to be successful in college and in the workforce, and to flourish as parents and citizens. To make this vision a reality, all students must be given multiple pathways to success, and teachers and administrators must continue to meet the challenges of this ever-changing landscape of public education.

Experience: Must hold a PH.D.  Have extensive experience in educational classroom setting.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Capstone "Final stretch"

I'm thankful that we all have made it to the last course of this program. I wish all of you the best of luck.  I've grown more passionate about the strategies that we can use to inspire learning and engagement in our classrooms. I've also found passion about the homeless and how in today's societ our children are still suffering from lack of food and shelter.  Even in my home town, we have homeless families, and not shelter to hourse them.  I look forward to continuing our educational endeavors.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Keeping Communication Open

It has been a pleasure working and collaborating with each of you. During this course I have learned a great deal about collaborating and communicating with groups. I feel as though we all have grown. I especially like how respect was shown during our class discussions and our blog post. Walden prides itself on building a community of learners, and I've enjoyed collaborating within that community.

I wish all of you the best, and I look forward to continuing our journey through our chosen profession at walden. It has been a journey, but one worth the effort. My mother use to tell me that "nothing ventured, nothing gained". We have ventured and we have gained knowledge and skillsets that will be beneficial to our professions.  Good Luck! It's been a pleasure.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Adjourning Groups

I personally file that adjourning any group where active participation has taken place is somewhat hard because ties and connections have been made and new found friendships have occured. When you belong to a high performing group who has made it through the norming and performing stage, you pretty much know a little about the person. I once belonged in a group through my job. I became acquainted with the people within the group at a best practices workshop. We had a week to work closely together. We had to come up with a group presentation to present before the class. This was a high performance group. We followed the five steps that I've became acquainted with this week. At that time I did not know about the steps, I just know the procedures we went throught. Although my group did not make everyone feel valued, I was happy and sad at the end of the week. One group was to be chosen for the best project, and we would have won if they had let everyone talk, like I suggested. They wanted the young man from the group to talk and represent us all. After the session had come to an end, the professor said that we had the best project, and would have won if we all had something to say about the project and the contributions toward the final project. I believe that when you work with groups in a high performing status, you become familiar with each member and creating bonds. By the time the group comes to an end, you hate to see everyone go their seperate ways. Only rarely do you continue networking with your acquaintences. While attending Walden, I have networked with a variety of people. The group participation has been great and the bond are meaningful ways to meet the educational task we have to meet. I believe that at the end of our educational journey I will wish everyone good luck and congratulate them for a job well done, and for their participation within each course. Adjourning is an essential stage because all good things must come to an end. Closure is always adequate for showing appreciation and gratitude. I also think is is important for closure, because you never know when you will need to contact people again, so it's best to adjourn properly.